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        Under-house Excavation: Why choose an expert?

        Under-house excavation can be a very dangerous task if an inexperienced person is undergoing the dig out and removal of old stumps.

        Commonly they do not understand how the weight is distributed throughout the stack and undermine it rather than use a rock breaker around the stacks leaving enough untouched base to stop any subsidence.

        If a stack is hit under your home it could be a costly exercise with possible damage to both the interior and exterior the wall linings, tiles, shower screens, kitchen benches, or even worse with a big enough “knock” the house can come crashing down around the operator damaging your home beyond repair and would cause the operator serious injury or possible death. All of which can be easily avoided by choosing a professional like Queensland House Restumping with a sound and proven knowledge that is grounded in experience in under-house earthworks.

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      • What to look for in a specialist earthworks company?

        By choosing your house raiser to complete your under-house excavation or site clean you are choosing to deal with one company.

        Be sure that your primary contractor/house raiser has his own equipment and staff as this is the contributing factor to a successful dig.

        A sub-contractor although may be experienced in under house earthworks they will most commonly not rebuild house raising stacks or understand what can happen if a stack is unintentionally hit or dug too close to causing sever erosion in wet weather. This can cause further expense because they will be required to send staff back to your site and delay another site to rebuild house raising stacks.

        The above and many other common occurrences can cause delays for all projects which is unfair to other clients.

        Why choose Queensland House Restumping to complete your under-house earthworks?

        Our dedicated earth moving team handle everything.

        We have our own tip trucks and operators as well as an earthmoving operator that operates all four of our combo’s depending on your projects requirements. We are experienced in all aspects of our trade and complete the sty rebuilds, bulk earthworks, final trim earthworks and rubbish removal with ease.

        You are provided with daily logs from our operator with a detailed list of hours and tip runs for the day.

        Our operator can be contacted directly for any updates relating to your project. All of these things mean a steady flow on your project, one company to deal with means less hassles with communicating with three different people but most of all we give you peace of mind and that in itself is priceless.

      • With over 10 years of experience, a highly skilled team and modern plant and equipment: Adam and his team will ensure that your house raising job is completed to the highest standard. Give Adam a call to find out how his team can deliver a top-notch project and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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