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      • Restumping Brisbane Homes

        Restumping is the process of replacing the stumps of a building due to the old (timber) ones having rotted or settled into the soil due to soil movement or moisture.

        Undertaking this process can not only provide solid long lasting foundations for your house, but increase the value of your property. Raising your house can give you the opportunity to acquire a view that you didn’t have previously. It can also provide a much sought after storage space underneath the house itself. Or, if you raise your house high enough and seek council approval, there may be an opportunity to build in underneath giving you extra living space and turning an old home into a completely new one—one that is much more valuable. Restumping Brisbane homes often makes sense.

        Unlike other restumping services, you are dealing with Adam from the very beginning and he is on site all the way through to completion. He will keep you informed every step of the way and ensure you are satisfied with the end result: a newly restumped house with high quality materials, professional workmanship and utmost care for what’s important to you. When you trust us with your restumping job, you are assured of a professional service that includes respect for your home, your family and your precious pets.

      • It takes a skilled team to complete a restumping job, but to do an outstanding job takes much more than that: Queensland House Restumping Brisbane has the skill, expertise and accreditation to ensure that your restumping job goes smoothly from start to finish.


      • We understand the things that are important to you and do everything possible to ensure that you experience minimal disruption to you busy life: Your property is left in tiptop condition at the end of the job and your satisfaction assured after a thorough inspection with our on site managing director Adam.

      • How do I know if my house needs restumping and levelling?

        Your doors and windows may not operate properly as they may no longer be square. Cracks in plaster walls/ceilings and cracked brickwork may be a tell tale sign of a section of the house ‘sinking’. Creaking or ‘spongy’ floors may also indicate that the bearers have separated from rotted or sunken stumps. Find out more  about which contractor to choose.

      • What’s involved in replacing stumps or levelling?

        The first step is for us to assess the job prior to giving our advice in order to determine which type of stumping materials are required – each involves a different course of action. The defective stumps are identified and the structure surrounding these is jacked up and secured. The new stumps are positioned precisely to ensure they are level, and the floor joists are lowered back and secured accordingly.

      • Do my tenants or I need to relocate during the restumping process?

        No. If we are relevelling or replacing stumps, your family or your tenants are able to stay in the house without concern for safety. If there are any children and/or animals living at your property all care is taken for their safety be sectioning off the area affected by our work using bright orange fencing at the end of each day. If necessary, a barrier fence is erected to prevent any animals escaping.

      • How long does the average restumping job take?

        A full home restumping project takes on average a week to nine days (depending on size) from beginning to completely level and set on new solid foundations. If we replace only a few stumps then it would usually take around 1-3 days. If any new or existing palings or batons require fitting or if any conduit or taps require re-fitting, we are also able to provide this service.

      • Why choose us?

        We understand that your home is the biggest investment you will make in your life, whether it is an investment property or your family home. You will receive the best advice with no hidden extra’s or variations during or after work has been commenced. Any questions you may have during the quoting process (or after you have received other quotes) will be answered until you are satisfied, as we understand that the process can be overwhelming and different companies offer different advice.

        All our work is performed as explained during our quote and anything we discuss that may be of concern to you or your family will be written on your quote. This helps to set your mind at ease knowing that all your concerns have and will be addressed. You will also be updated as the work progresses if you wish.

        You will deal with myself (Adam – the owner of the business) throughout the entire process from the quote through to the works onsite. There is no foreman or middleman to confuse things – the person that comes to your home and provides you with a quote is the same person that is performing the work on your home.  All our work is insured with the QBCC and a written guarantee is offered upon request.

        Approximately an hour prior to completion of the work on the last day I ask you personally to inspect the site with me and make sure you are completely satisfied with the work that has been performed by our team. This ensures if you have any questions or would like us to attend to something, we are able to do so on the day. The aim is to make you feel comfortable the job has been completed as requested to a high quality standard by our reputable company. Call now to discuss your needs.

      • With over 10 years of experience, a highly skilled team and modern plant and equipment: Adam and his team will ensure that your house raising job is completed to the highest standard. Give Adam a call to find out how his team can deliver a top-notch project and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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